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ЖЖ Украина

Самый сок!

всё то интересное в сети, что попало в мои сети

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ЖЖ Украина

Тяжело нынче быть белым да еще и гетеросексуальным


promo ibigdan Грудень 3, 2007 00:08
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junmat 14 февраля, 15:35
“An American Boy: What it’s like to grow up white, middle class, and male in the era of social media, school shootings, toxic masculinity, #MeToo and a divided country.”
"The writer, Jennifer Percy, asks Ryan about #MeToo. “I’ve heard of that,” he answers. “What does it mean again?”"
"“On school days, Ryan wakes up around 5:30 a.m,” Percy writes. “ ‘It sucks,’ he says. ‘It’s not hard to get up, but I wish I could just stay in bed.’ He goes to the local water-utility headquarters at 6:30, where he has an apprenticeship that earns him course credit and a small paycheck. ‘It’s kind of like a job thing,’ he says.”"
At 9:30, he comes back home and gets ready for school."
“His mom drives him at 11:30 so he can have lunch in the cafeteria with his friends,... He has a driver’s permit, but he’s not taking his driver’s test until later in the fall. ‘It sucks,’ he says. ‘My mom has to drive me everywhere, but whatever.’”

какая боль. п-ц как тяжело быть белым подростком мужского пола.

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