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ЖЖ Украина

Самый сок!

всё то интересное в сети, что попало в мои сети

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Золотое рассечение

- Такое крепление оси подразумевает более мягкий ход?
- Такое крепление оси подразумевает, что дизайнеры опять пытались делать работу инженеров.


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trots1991 6 сентября, 2018
Make Michelin Challenge Design
Model Hurricane
Concept year 2009
Production year -
Engine Electric

The unusual styling of the Hurricane was inspired by nature.
The Hurricane was created by a trio of designers from the Seoul National University of Technology in South Korea. They are Hoyoung Jo, Jinseok Song and Kyuwon Kim. The concept was created for the 2009 Michelin Challenge Design competition. For 2009 the brief was to create a "brave and bold" vehicle which could represent America's next iconic vehicle.

Most elements of the Hurricane concept's design have in some way been influenced by nature. The chassis itself draws inspiration from the way a seed casing protects the delicate seed inside - or in this case the driver. In the event of a collision the chassis acts as one giant crumple zone deferring the impact momentum around the driver. When it comes time to scrap the vehicle more than 90% of the frame can be recycled.

In a further effort to improve the environmental credentials of the concept the unusual wheels have been designed to have as little impact as possible on the ground. The random pattern of the tire tread is designed to hide the tracks of the vehicle during off road excursions, while the unusual spiral shape and elastic quality of the wheel rim acts as a simple and effective suspension system.

Powering the Hurricane concept is an all-electric drivetrain. This is possible in part due to the lightweight construction techniques and materials. Power is topped up through a series of solar panels positioned in front of the seating area.

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